Art and Linda Lowell
Newberg, Oregon

specializing in cashmere and boar goats, guardian dogs, and fine fibered llamas


Mariner Offspring


 At 3 years old at only 36", Mandelei will qualify as a minature. She has gorgeous silky, fine fiber, great conformation with a beautiful femine face, framed by perfect banana ears, all from her sire, Mariner. She also is the friendliest llama on the ranch, a quality from both sides of her pedigree.

 Mariner has produced cria of many colors, ranging from almost solid white to this cria with stricking markings on her face. Her body is mostly a soft rose taupe with shades of silver. It makes into a very luxurious silky yarn. She is also a small llama.

 Meadow is another example of the correctness that Mariner throws. She also has a great temperament and wonderful fine fiber. See previous page for sales information on Meadow.

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